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  Why Use Chelsfield Consultants?  

When considering a major move from legacy systems to Cloud services, a new WAN provider or perhaps reinforcement of your existing systems you will need to use a key third-party supplier. So why confine your choice based on your in-house knowledge and that of the Service Provider who clearly will have their own agenda and preferences.

Chelsfield Consultants are truly supplier agnostic, you can take full advantage of this together with our  more than thirty yearís of experience gained in dealing with arranging technical services,  negotiating agreements and devising bespoke operational specifications on behalf of hundreds of our clients based both in the UK and in overseas locations.

We have gained an understanding of how the UKís major Service Providers, ISPís and Network Integrators work, and perform, and therefore we are able to effectively engage with them at all levels when managing a project on your behalf. We take away the day to day hassle that you donít want to deal with allowing you to remain focused on your core business.

When reviewing suitable Service Providers we are able to examine their claims of service availability, network resilience, technical support and after installation repair and maintenance and provide you with a full report so that you can truly make an informed decision.

If you need to plan a project that involves your companyís IT and telecommunications systems talk to us at an early stage. One or more of our Senior Consultants will meet with you to discuss your requirements. Our discussion will remain confidential and our advice is free of charge and without any obligation on your part. Call our Managing Partner on 07717 44 33 92 to arrange an informal chat today.

Why Use Chelsfield Consultants?
Chelsfield Consultants are truly independent and totally supplier agnostic.

Our Consultants have decades of experience working within the UKís IT and Telecommunications arena. 

We believe in face to face meetings at convenient times to our clients.

Weíll manage as little or as much of your project as you require of us.

Our project reporting and paperwork is simple and easy to read and keeps you fully informed.

Our first discussion with you is free of charge and without obligation.

07717 44 33 92




Chelsfield Consultants have decades of experience spread across all aspects of  computer use, networking operations and security. We have worked with dozens of blue chip companies both at home and abroad on technical design and infrastructure projects both large and small.  

Give us a call on 07717 44 33 92 to arrange a free and without obligation chat to talk about your companies concerns and plans and how we may assist you. 


Chelsfield Consultants provide help with all aspects cloud computing and management

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