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Systems Design and Integration
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From small ancillary systems right through to complete control of your main processes, we can assist you with any part of the system design as well as implementation, training and on-going support if needed.    
The laptop shows the front end GUI of a custom Chelsfield design for a dust and particulate extraction control system for a large printing plant.
 Why Custom Design?

In most control systems, whether large or small, some degree of custom design is usually required. Sometimes, even for the seemingly simplest of tasks, there can be significant challenges. Components and software can easily become out of date with newer replacement components not having the backwards compatibility needed. 

In these situations we may be able to assist by identifying components that would suit, or otherwise suggest ways around the problem. If this cannot be done then we may propose that you engage us to design a component or sub-system solution for you. In some circumstances this may involve just  software or firmware, but it many cases it will include both hardware design and software.

The following list gives some idea of the diversity of control systems which we have either wholly designed, or in which we have had a significant input.

Mobile water, brush and arm controller for a King road sweeper
Complete automation of a specialist food manufacturing plant
Experimental exchange test-monitor for British Telecom
High speed controller for a production flame-sealer for cartons
Audio control system for the BBC Radiophonic workshop
Motor controller for high speed recorder at University of Warwick
Data analysis controller (Software) for Iowa State University 
Controller for SPATE thermal imaging device for Sira Limited

...many others

 Project Scope

Nowadays, for new larger-scale projects, there are many corporate system manufacturers that will take the architectural lead position. This, however may not be the best solution. Claims some firms make, during the early stages of a project, about open interface or universal communications standards often prove to be somewhat optimistic. These mistakes can prove very costly. 

As design consultants we can assist you in meeting your specification by taking an unbiased view of what's generally available. We will not sell you components you don't need.  If ideal or otherwise acceptable sub-system components can't be found to meet the requirement, you always have the option of getting us to design and supply it for you, together with its support package.


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