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The term cross-platform is used to describe software that will run on systems that have different operating systems but in many cases, hardware-specific software variants are required to make this happen. The term is also used for programs running on different hardware systems (or Operating Systems) that can effectively exchange data by means of a common set of interfaces and communications rules for data exchange.

 Cross Platform ?

Nowadays, even with some significant strides at standards unification, there are a growing number of fissures opening in the move towards a global approach to computer communication. Newer operating systems, processor architectures and proprietary system processes continue to emerge; driven by various commercially protective practices.

The need for effective cross-platform data communication is usually essential in most situations. In addition, different variants of a particular software release are required to enable one to target more than just a single operating system or hardware platform.

 Branch Out

We can provide assistance to enable you to connect to devices or systems (and perhaps reach markets) that would otherwise remain closed or isolated due to platform compatibility barriers. 

We can examine the  UNKNOWN  and, if necessary, construct and/or test the  communications interfaces to ensure electrical compatibility. We would then be able to recommend what equipment or software would be required to effect connection. If a custom protocol converter or cross compiled application is needed then we may be able design and supply this for you. 

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