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 Complete Systems Design

Complete Systems Design means different things to different people or situations. In the main, organisations that consult or supply in one specific area of expertise generally don't, or even can't, look outside it. For example a firm that supplies IT infrastructure may well consider that a "complete system" has been delivered once they have completed their own network engineering portion of a much wider engineering task.

In the real world, real solutions often need to span numerous technical disciplines and the more firms there are involved in providing a solution the greater the costs. This is because the integration tasks and issues tend to escalate in non linear fashion as ever more companies are involved and the complexity increases. One mitigating factor is good project planning and management and to be able to respond effectively to deviations as a development programme unfolds.

Chelsfield Consultants have been personally responsible for the design of both hardware and software solutions across a wide range of technical disciplines and in many different market sectors for over 30 years. Added to this experience is the strength that springs from numerous collaborations and joint ventures with centers of excellence around the world.           


This chart roughly indicates the relative mix of design projects undertaken over an extended period by Chelsfield between software and hardware . For the most part, projects are considered here as Firmware if they are ROM based and do not contain a GUI or user interface.

Projects are considered Software if they contain some sort of UI or GUI or they have a mixture of both ROM based code and application code.

To qualify as a Software / Firmware only project (green) there is a zero hardware design element (other than FPGA or ROM or EPROM loading) 

Mixed indicates that projects have included a substantial hardware design element such as a custom instrument case with front panel, display and battery compartment for example.     

 Why Choose Chelsfield ?

"We provide you with services that not only save you much more than we charge in fees, but we will also strive to provide you with robust, technology-proof solutions that you will instinctively feel comfortable with"

"We have an exceptionally long technical reach into many specialist areas of design through our open and long-standing relationships with centers of excellence around the globe." 

"Whatever your needs, Chelsfield can usually deliver cost-effective answers integrating a broad range of technical disciplines.

Roy "Commander" Simmons     


Proportion of design projects undertaken by Chelsfield between Mechanical and Electronic design.  As you will note relatively few mechanical only-designs have been called for.


Proportion of design projects undertaken by Chelsfield over a range of chip integration levels. In practice there is often a mix of technologies however, the dominant level in any particular project is used here as a guide. 

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