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Telemetry Systems

Chelsfield consultants have been involved in the initial concept and in the design of a very wide range of telemetry devices and systems. Our experience covers data acquisition and transmission of static, as well as mobile targets.  We have designed high integrity data systems as well as those used in life- critical situations.

The following lists some of the areas in which we have gained experience.

Transmission ranges from a few meters to >500km
Acquisition methodologies: Electrical, Acoustic, Laser, Voice    
Sample rates up to 2.5GHz and sub 20nS pulse widths  
Data gating: Noise, Logic, Frequency, Custom mask
Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Medical, Transportation & Research
Front-end processing, Back-end processing, Combination

Transmission Method

In any situation the achieved data transmission rate will not only depend on the transmission method but also on a wide variety of internal and external circumstances, such as the licensing of available RF bands for example.

We can advise on the selection of type, size and placement of any buffer required and assist in selection of a transmission method to ensure adequate margin for such things as potential traffic bottlenecks across data networks.

Project Component

We understand that in many situations the telemetry is only a part, and sometimes just a small part of the overall system.  We recognise that it's important to ensure that any data relay embedded within a project provides sustained performance. 

Chelsfield consultants are practiced at working within specific technical constraints both in terms of initial data acquisition and transmission.

Project Scope

We would be pleased to become involved at any stage of a project, big or small, either to assist you in finding an optimal solution, or to effect the design of an existing specification. If the requirement is for part of an existing  control system then successful systems integration may determine some of the telemetry methods finally selected.

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