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Approvals, Certification and Compliance

Chelsfield consultants have met a very wide range of standards and approvals for clients and countries and for different industrial sectors. Telecommunications: for direct connection to public switched networks: BT, (BABT and numerous European, US, Far East, and African equivalents). Type approval from components to complete systems has also been gained from many commercial organisations such as Marconi, GEC, and Northern Telecom.

Quality, safety and other performance standards achieved for general industrial-control equipment of our design also includes sections of the generic ISO9000 (BS-5750). We have also worked to industry specific British Standards on documentation such as 3939, 4058, 6238 together with a variety of commercial client-produced quality, design, manufacturing, and safety standards.

In the aviation industry, flight deck test equipment (of Chelsfield design with sub-contract manufacture) has gained various FAA, CAA, and IAM/DOD approvals. For the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, other than BS safety standards, performance and type approval has been gained from NHS procurement, FDA, and many NGO's around the world.


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