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Imagine your servers are currently on your own premises, they have dual power sources and your data is continuously backed up, automatically off-premises. You have strong firewalls and border control in place with anti-virus systems and you’re using an off-line DMZ. You have well trained IT staff and your company’s personnel are well aware of your data management and comprehensive computer-usage policy (CUP). 

You feel confident but you know your not 100% safe.

Now imagine you turn your whole IT management facility over to a third-party Service Provider, clearly this move is not for the feint-hearted.

Just consider two aspects, many Cloud Service Providers don’t run an end to end service; there are a number of other operational links in the chain. How financially resilient is each of the links within the service that you are considering? How solid is the service they provide? What happens to your data if one of the links snaps? How would you recover? What is the legal and regulatory position?

You have a practical Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place. It’s workable because you currently manage all aspects of your IT hardware and software; your data is easily stored, backed-up and retrieved. How will your (BCP) need to be changed in a practical way to encompass a move to Cloud services?

These are just two security considerations, there are many when looking at a move to The Cloud.  

Vital Analysis:

Data availability and security are the key aspects to consider when moving to the cloud. Service providers will sell you “more secure” or “faster”, but you need to analyse it. Will it really be better - or faster - or more secure?

Actually, entrusting your data to the largest of Service Providers can be beneficial but still needs to be carefully managed. They have the resources and must be seen to demonstrate their core compliancy with all the relevant security and accessibility standards. They also have the expertise and engineering resources to maintain a high level of service integrity and availability. 

Chelsfield Consultants can assist you to make an informed decision when choosing your key Service Providers.

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