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About Chelsfield

We are a team of consulting engineers with experience that spans more than 30 years. We design new, or unique, system solutions with a hands-on approach right through from the initial design concept and specification to the final implementation.


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Our Contract with You


Today, a large part of our activity has to do with integrating and identifying third party systems, but our background and history enables us to be cost effective when it comes to providing custom systems that cannot be found off-the-shelf. This includes non-standard hardware and software, both of which we can design and/or write in-house; we do not need to contract-out these services, although sometimes we do if it makes economic sense. Innovation in our approach remains a keystone in delivering successful solutions.

In most cases Chelsfield Solutions is contracted to provide deliverables against a specification, and such work is paid for in stages which usually forms the basis of a contract.

For larger projects where development work is required, the time and costs may be less well defined, especially at the outset. In these cases, it may be appropriate for Chelsfield together with you and/or third parties to jointly participate in the development and/or funding.  

Industry Sectors

The graphics shown on this page have mostly been taken from Chelsfield case studies as outlined elsewhere on this website. As you may see, we have had experience in providing instrumentation and control for numerous sectors including clinical research, industrial automation and the security industry. 


We've been able to build strong relationships with many organisations around the world, and whilst we are always sensitive in maintaining confidentiality, we are nonetheless usually able to gain permission to expose, to various degrees, technology or systems in which we have contributed to development. If you would like us to seek references from any of these for you, or you would simply wish to know a bit more, please don't hesitate to e-mail us.

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