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Systems Design and Integration
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If you are having difficulty in finding suitable upgrades for components, or even whole sub-systems or can't seem to get the functionality you need... Talk to us, we may be able to find you an off-the-shelf solution, if not, we will be able to tell you if we can adapt existing components or otherwise design a solution for you.



 Design Philosophy

Firstly, we spend whatever time is needed in order to make sure we understand your requirements.

We will only put design effort into elements of a system if we're reasonably sure these cannot be purchased off-the-shelf.

We wont try to sell you any software, components or systems you don't need.

We work to an agreed budget for deliverables that are stated at the outset of a project. If the items or system components we're designing are judged to be life-critical, then budgets are generally higher and tend to be more inflexible. 

 Electronics Hardware Design

We can design hardware solutions to fill many diverse requirements from small interface boxes through to complete turn-key systems or sub systems. Our electronics design and programming experience covers many digital logic technologies as well as very high frequency analogue processing and data acquisition.


Chelsfield Solutions has worked with a wide range of processors including: 1802/4, 6502, 8041, 8048/9 and 8051 series families and variants, 6800, 6804, 6809, 68HC11, Z80, 8080, 8085, x86, 8748/9, i960. 

We are particularly experienced with the following manufactures products. This list is by no means comprehensive but does represent some of the manufacturers we often tend to use.  For more information click here to see our VLSI processor table:

AMD Harris NEC
Avago (Agilent) HP Philips
Analogue Devices Intel Samsung
Burr-Brown Intersil ST Micro
Cypress Maxim Texas
Dallas Mitel Toshiba
Fairchild Mitsubishi Xilinx
Fujitsu   Motorola Zilog
Hitachi National
 Designs for Volume Production

If you have need for a design destined for volume production, we would seek to apply whatever VLSI techniques might be appropriate such as FPGAs, CPLDs or DSP devices or if the situation demands it, we would consider the implementation of one or more ASICS.

 Robust Logging Applications

We have developed a number of robust logging applications in the pharmaceutical, marine, aviation and security sectors, amongst others.  signal extraction from swamping noise and the need for complex real-time transforms have all been encountered. 

For the medical industry we have designed systems to monitor cardiac, respiratory and neural functions in high noise environments. 

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