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Screen captures of a few varied applications written by Chelsfield Solutions 

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Custom Software from Chelsfield

We can help you specify, then we can write, test, document and deliver your software. Anything from small utilities through to company-wide systems, or perhaps to provide you with your own-branded application. Because we are truly independent consultants, our advice is impartial and there's no obligation.  

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 How we work with you

Before we embark on any new project we will satisfy ourselves that  1).  we are able to do the work.  2).  we have the necessary resources to allocate to the project at the time they are needed.  3).  that we can meet any agreed time for deliverables, and lastly  4). that you fully understand what you're getting and how much it costs.

We will usually agree to participate in your project when the specification has been mutually approved.  We will do whatever is required to ensure that you fully understand our offer. The specification will generally form the basis of our own working documentation and it will contain not only the detail of software function but also what technologies we will employ, how these are to be used and what results you can expect.


In addition to the approved specification and derived working documents, we strive to ensure that the software user has all the information required to use and get the best from the application.  Complete, context sensitive, on-line documentation can be written and integrated with the application. Guide Notes and Quick-Start guides, both on and off-line, can be supplied if appropriate. 

 On-going Software Maintenance

Maintenance issues are varied; a rolling programme that would suit a large internal system, for example, may not be applicable to a less complex stand-alone application where the function doesn’t often change. Again, software that is sold-on to clients as a product will likely require periodic updates. Chelsfield Consultants have been maintaining software in the field for many years.

We understand the pitfalls of having to update against a backdrop of ever moving technology and O/S platforms and the need, in many cases, to maintain backward compatibility in the code.

If you elect to directly undertake code maintenance yourself, then we will do all we can to ease you through the transition period. Otherwise you may decide to engage a third party for maintenance, in which case we can assist with this too.

 Application Testing

If not handled correctly, ensuring that new applications or software systems work as intended can be time consuming and costly. Whilst the code may work exactly as technically specified, inevitably, some anomalies may arise that need addressing. Often, subtle deficiencies are not trapped by test tools.

Keeping you involved in the product/software development cycle saves time and can be important as this may also help to identify glitches and bugs early. 

In some cases we are able to automate part of the testing process. This is done by means of writing specific test routines to check things such as database field integrity, error trapping and handling, data rate performance and so on. 

The strategy used for first-trial deployment of the software will also vary. We recognise the need to respond quickly to any code changes needed at this critical time in the development cycle.

 Security Issues

The integrity of software and data is a key issue in most corporate organisations. Whilst a number of reputable vendors offer systems that are technically secure, there is insufficient emphases on the human aspects of the chain which is by far the weakest link in almost all security measures adopted. However, many simple things can, and should, be done to tighten the security of systems prior to considering increasing the technical complexity.

Many software applications written by Chelsfield are protected by well proven proprietary encryption mechanisms. Such techniques have been developed by us and are now supplied as software library components. Where necessary and appropriate in any system design consideration, we try to factor in human behaviour so that circumventing the technology becomes less likely.

We have been involved with computer based security systems for over thirty years. If you would like to know what Chelsfield can do for you, why not request a system security audit.

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