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  What to Move - What can be Moved?  
Before answering this question ask yourself, what is my business Cloud Migration Strategy (CMS)? A well thought-out plan is vital when considering a move to Cloud services. Your business runs on information at all levels and this has to be safe and secure, readily retrievable and accessible, legally compliant and maintainable.

When considering what to move and what not to move to The Cloud you will need to categorise your company’s data, this is an essential part of your Cloud Migration Strategy (CMS). What do we mean? Well, what data do you want to keep on your office-based hard drives and why? Do you feel comfortable when moving confidential or business critical information into The Cloud? This is worthy of careful forethought and consideration as you will be entrusting a Service Provider with the life-blood of your business, your valuable data.

Cloud Service Providers will emphasis the attraction of reducing your office-based equipment and software costs but have you compared all the elements and on-going costs of using Cloud services? For example: If your company needs to use an ‘out of tariff’ or bespoke service, how much will this cost to setup and run? What training do you need to provide to existing IT personnel? You have already invested in IT infrastructure, what elements do you retain and how do you decide the best model for your business and have you worked out all the end to end costs? 

Cloud services offer real benefits such as collaborative working, unlimited storage, data security and reduced operating costs and so there are numerous initial decisions to make to get the best setup working for you. Chelsfield Consultants can help you devise your CMS and assist you with your step by step implementation, call us today for a chat.

So how do you produce a workable Cloud Migration Strategy? (CMS)

What to Move: Upgrading

For data centric firms, a move to the cloud probably means your existing data network infrastructure will largely remain in place, at least until the upgrade has finished.

Generally the simplest approach is to systematically grow, along side the existing network, a new lighter weight cloud-connected infrastructure.

In all cases though the logistics need to be carefully planned. Just because some of your engineering infrastructure may be lighter it may not be faster although this will depend on the type and frequency of your traffic. A typical LAN will transfer data at 1Gbps and to match this across the network you will need to look carefully at all elements of your end to end connection.

The synchronisation of service providers with your schema is of particular importance. Every situation is different and has it's own challenges – Chelsfield Consultants can help.


Chelsfield Consultants have decades of experience spread across all aspects of  computer use, networking operations and security. We have worked with dozens of blue chip companies both at home and abroad on technical design and infrastructure projects both large and small.  

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