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Reliance on technology alone just isn't safe

In many cases applying technology is an essential part of any rounded out security plan but sometimes technology forms just a small part of an effective solution. As truly independent consultants, we will take the time to understand what your concerns are, to highlight areas that need attention, and then to work with you to develop overall strategies that fulfill expectations.

Whilst we certainly donít rest on the technology we will, where required, devise and recommend systems that would effectively serve to increase the protection of your staff, your property and of your data and networks. Using tried and tested methodology we'll system-engineer your solution, and if, for any reason, any part of it can't be found off the shelf, then we'll design it for you and, in that event, advise you how to maintain it.

Why Consult us on Security?

PLUGGING GAPS:   If you have a security issue in your organisation it's likely to be a newly discovered "hole" or breach of some kind.  Whether the suspected deficiency is physical or non-physical - affecting your data on the network for example, we can assist you to identify the source, and then help you to fix it if required. We can advise you on devising strategies to exercise your current system to identify weaknesses. 

EXTENDING YOUR SYSTEMS:   Increasing the reach of your surveillance can also mean adding new technologies to existing installations. If this is the case, then it is crucial that integration is very carefully considered prior to any expansion.  Just because two systems use the same communications protocol, for example,  is certainly no guarantee that they can talk together.  Even if messages can be successfully passed between operational units, the underlying assumptions of what such messages actually mean to each component often needs rationalisation.  We can help by writing any necessary software to do this and we can advise you on potential difficulties that may arise - at the planning stage.   

TRUE INDEPENDENCE:  Being independent means we're not tied to any particular manufacturer.  We can advise you on the purchase of equipment and systems, including serviceability and maintenance.  In cases where a substantial part of the equipment is designed (or in the case of software written) by us,  the equipment cost will usually be part of the contract price we have agreed with you before the start of the contract.

BEWARE OF "TURN KEY" SOLUTIONS:   A so-called  "turn-key system" from a trusted larger organisation is one possible answer to finding a fully integrated solution.  However it's expensive, will often lock you in to the lead supplier and the reality is that such systems don't often provide the exact functionality required.  Chelsfield can help you with the entire process of finding an overall solution to new  installations - no matter what your industry. We are able to integrate physical security requirements with your data and communications infrastructures creating a seamless schema.

Large Scale Implementations

The picture shows an example of a head-end security control desk designed from scratch by Chelsfield Consultants to meet a specific need. 

The control unit features an integrated solution to perimeter defense, access control and communications. All surface controls of the unit are operated by touch sensors providing the user with a single touch command hierarchical menu structure. All touch pads and system enunciators are completely sealed against spillages or the ingress of contaminants. Based on modular 19" rack mount units the system has built-in redundancy and is easily able to accommodate updates in video processing or other technologies.

Chelsfield Consultants have been involved with the design of security systems for many years and understand the need for unambiguous and simple system enunciation.

We provide integration software that's easy to understand. Essential in life critical or in other threatening situations.

Tracking Documents in High-Security Environments 

Document tracking systems have been around for over 20 years, but in the past these have tended to be rather ineffective due to 1) difficulties in finding a suitable method of indelibly finger printing documents, and, 2) maintaining signal integrity.

Nowadays, ever more sophisticated radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder components are becoming more widely available. Chelsfield can assist you utilise this technology by creating a system around current techniques that is reliable and that precisely suits your needs.

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