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Visitor Lite offers slightly less functionality than the standard version of Visitor 3000. For example, visitor categories are fixed and the underlying storage system has been changed to enable very simple replication of existing passes. Visitor lite would probably most suit organisations with an average of perhaps less than 20 visitors per day. 

Visitor Lite will help you easily keep track of visitors to your organisation. Visitor 3000 can issue and print ID passes, make appointment bookings, and produce lists of people known to be on-site. Such lists may be viewed in real-time by department managers or other's in your organisation that may need to know when people have arrived and when they leave.


Visitor 3000 Lite: simple to use and easy to implement

Although Visitor 3000 is low cost, it provides many standard features, for example it enables you to take good quality passport style photos without expensive additional hardware. Photo libraries can be built and effectively managed within the application. Extended features also allow Visitor to be tied into existing access equipment, such as magnetic swipe cards, or proximity key fobs, to provide access or barrier control.

Visitor supports the most widely used bar code format that may be printed on ID badges by simply turning-on the option. Visitor provides a professional security-conscious presentation for your organisation. Only three text fields and a couple of mouse clicks are required to issue a DAY-PASS.

Each pass or ID badge printed is completely personalised and carries your own firm's identity which can include your company logo. Visitor may be run from a single computer or on numerous machines throughout your corporate LAN.

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