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Over time, we have built a substantial collection of programs from very small clips of code, used repetitively, through to large complex routines that could possibly form the backbone of a bespoke application. This collection forms a core library which is growing and being updated on a continuous basis

 Use of Existing Code

Our use of existing code includes both native assembly routines as well as higher level languages. Many interface tasks are common but even if we can't find a precise match, then modification of an existing program usually saves time and cost. Naturally, the likelihood of any particular module being re-compiled or re-assembled then re-used, as is, diminishes as the complexity goes up.  

Bespoke software applications that are function specific do not contribute to our library. The complexity, level of integration and nature of these programs means that they cannot be easily re-applied and, even if they could, our clients usually hold the copyright.

The following list gives some idea of our current library content across a broad range of tasks and industries. Much of the list is for native source code and is far from comprehensive. 

     Analogue (Signal) many/various
     Digital (Signal) many/various
     DAC many
     Communications Protocol many
     Control Protocol many
 DATA INTEGRITY  (Also see Encryption)
     CRC various
     Hamming one
     Proprietary many
     Trivial many schemes 
     8bit,  11/12bit,  16bit,  24bit   many
     See SENSOR -
 DRIVERS Display  
     LCD Alpha Numeric various
     LCD Matrix various
     Seven Segment many
      Video Analogue (CRT)  enquire
     Video Digital various
 DRIVERS Hardware
     Communications Port    CHIP Implementation
     AC/DC Motors              enquire
     High Power Thyristor, Triac ...  enquire
     Laser modulation & Power Controllers  various
     Stepper Motors  low power - enquire
 DRIVERS Software  
     Communications Port ,  Software Implementation
     Printers and Scanners enquire
     Other Peripheral Devices many/various
     Frequency Filters various
     Noise Filters various
     Transform & Transfer Function various
     Proprietary             many
     AES some
     RC4 some
     Blowfish one routine
     3DES some
     Hashes and Checksums  various 
     PMRB (Proprietary) various
     PRNG’s  various 
     Key various
     Optical various
     Magnetic enquire
     System Converters various
     Stepper Drive enquire
     Frequency Sweep  various
     Substandard Signal Sine & Pulse
     Audio and Video various
     Digital Test   many various



availability / TYPE  
     Geometric   enquire  
     Video   enquire  
     Acoustic Signature some/various  
 PORT READERS many/various  
     Output control various  
     Management various  
 SENSOR (Medical/Pharmaceutical)    
     Blood Flow  acoustic - Doppler  
     Cardiac various  
     Gastric, Esophageal,  Pressure   motility small and large bowel  
     Inter-cranial Pressure hardware specific   
     Motor Function various  
     Neural enquire  
     Oculometer pupil position, diameter  
     Renal Function GFR  
     Respiratory  volume, rate, CO2  
 SENSOR (Instrumentation)    
     Accelerometer some  
     Acoustic  Inc. Acousto-Optic  
     Angular Position (Encoder) Inc. Servo Feedback  
     Current many/various to < 1uA  
     Electro-optic laser modulation  
     Electro-static one  
     Inclinometer some  
     Linear Translation various  
     Non-linear Translation various  
      Magnetic various  
      Optical Power enquire  
     Optical Wavelength  enquire   
      Geometric Position various   
      Power many  
     Thermal  (many various) many  
     Touch some  
     Voltage (many various) many/various  
     Chemical (VOC and Others) some  
     Optical  power/various  
     TX Control various  
     SHF  one  
     UARTS many to 115.2k baud so far  

The following is a list of manufacturers' VLSI devices that we've used on a regular basis or with which we are particularly familiar. It is not comprehensive, many other suppliers components have been used, especially for special functions.



   Altera ASIC,CPLD, FPGA mixed signal
   AMD RISC, x86  various
   Analogue Devices  MEMS, DSP various ADC, mixed signal, various
   Avago ASICs, OPT, various optical (HP) mixed signal
   Burr Brown Analogue DSP ... analogue, mixed signal 
   Cypress ARM, RISC  various
   Cirrus ADC,  DAC glue , LSI, various
   Fujitsu UART ... glue , LSI, various
   Fairchild USB,  LVDS ... glue, some LSI, various
   Hitachi MPU ... memory, various
   Intersil MPU, MCU, various  glue, LSI, mixed signal
   Intel i960,  x86 ... memory, LSI, various
   Maxim (Dallas) MCU & various ADC, PSU, mixed signal
   Motorola 6800/6809 Series... LSI, audio, various
   National FPGA, CPLD, DSP glue, LSI, mixed signal
   NEC MPU, ASIC LSI, various
   Philips   MCU glue, LSI, mixed signal
   Renesas / NEC V850 Series (see NEC)
   Samsung ASIC memory / audio 
   Texas MCU, DSP  glue, LSI, audio
   Toshiba MPU, MCU LSI, audio
   Winbond MPU,   -
   Xilinx CPLD, FPGA mixed signal
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