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Hardware Requirements  
   Processor x86,> 1.3GHz (single core) for reasonable speed
   Storage (Hard Disk) Installation 40MB absolute minimum
   Storage (Hard Disk) Operation 200MB min. (20 visitors/day + pictures = 41MB/month)

   Memory (RAM)

512MB minimum
   CD ROM Only required if installing from CD
   ID Badges, Passes etc. 200-300dpi colour/mono (depends upon Pass/ID type)
   Lists and General Print Output Any inkjet/laser (not more than about 6 years old)
   Passport Head and Shoulders Webcam =>5MP Win XP and Win 7 compatible  
Network:  Needed for client mode (see Network Operations
* So far Visitor remains untested on older operating systems
Operating System  
 *Operating Systems WinNT(SP5), Win2000, 2003/2007 Server, WinXP, Win7 
   Browser IE8 or later recommended, Safari, Opera, Firefox...

Specification, Software and Equipment Needed to Run Visitor 3000


About the Camera

Visitor only requires an inexpensive USB webcam to enable it to add photos to passes. Obviously the picture quality one can expect will depend upon the camera device selected. Excellent results have been obtained with an HP camera, costing around 50. We also  recommend that you select a device that is Windows 7 compatible. Please contact your sales agent for further advice.

Interface to Existing Systems

Visitor 3000 is modular in its architectural approach and this lends itself to a significant range of functionality beyond simply issuing ID passes. Typically, Visitor makes a natural front-end to any physical access control system providing a simple to use solution for both new and retrofit systems

Chelsfield are able to supply custom modules that will talk to just about any type of system. We have significant experience in access control technologies, video pattern recognition, alarm verification, tracking systems  and data encryption.

New Access Systems

Visitor 3000 eases integration and implementation. If you are at the planning stage it may well pay you to talk to your sales agent, just to see what may be possible, or you can contact us directly, particularly if you need to integrate seemingly incompatible systems or you discover you need something that can't be purchased off the self

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