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General Privacy Statement

  1. Policy
1.1 The Chelsfield Solutions website does not gather personal information or other data without explicit permission from you, the user. The site does not carry third party advertising or use any type of recording or tracking device such as page tags, beacons or cookies.  
  1.2 You may contact us using telephone, e-mail or by using the Chelsfield Solutions on-line forms, in which case information entered by you will remain on our public servers until it is serviced by us - typically between 24 - 48 hours. Any and all data you provide remains inaccessible to everyone but us. If after this we need to maintain the contact then the data will be downloaded and encrypted to a private off-line contacts database after which it is deleted from the public server.   
2. Use of Personal Information
2.1 We use your name, address and other contact data, including any messages you give us, exclusively for the purpose of answering queries or conducting business with you. We never, divulge, rent, sell or in other ways pass-on to any third party or agency any information from you, except to the authorities in any case where the prevailing law requires us to.   
3. Removal of Personal Information
3.1 We may remove your contact details from our database at any time.
3.2 You may, at any time, request that we remove your contact details whereupon we will remove any contact information we have including any data that forms part of the removal request. We will acknowledge that this has done usually by e-mail within 48 hours.



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